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Turbo Medical Marketing is a growth agency helping aesthetic or cash-based practices leverage digital marketing and sales to grow their revenue. 

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Google Ads, Facebook Ads

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S: 2020/09/22, E: 2021/09/22

What makes us unique

Turbo Medical Marketing has mastered the art of consultation generation using PPC so much so that we can guarantee actual patient consultation based on our ability to generate qualified leads, follow-up with those leads, and get them to show up for consultations. It’s literally never been easier for an aesthetic practice to drive consultations, guaranteed, than right now with Turbo Medical Marketing.

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Strategic Growth Consulting, SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing

Our uniqueness


white label your work


Business Stats

Number of PPC experts
Average Client Ad spend
$4,000-5,000/month per procedure
Minimum Client Ad spend
$2,000-3,000/month per procedure
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The Lanfranchi Center
Stile Aesthetics
El Paso Cosmetic Surgery

Certified PPCs who PPC for this Agency:

Chris Moore is a two-time best selling author on the topic of Facebook top of mind marketing and lead generation.  His thirst for knowledge and results continuously drive him towards becoming a better digital marketer and advertiser.  Chris’ background is in marketing, lead generation, and sales for multiple industries, including aesthetics.

Alex is a Doctor-turned-Digital Marketer. T‑shaped, specializing in PPC campaigns management and optimization. He always strives to diagnose issues and find areas for improvement in clients’ product/lead-gen funnels. Then he chooses the best ‘treatment’ to increase campaigns’ performance.

Learning the ins and outs of PPC has been my focus for over 10 years, and it feels like almost every day I still learn something new. Seeing all of the changes and improvements in the tools we use and the algorithms Google creates has been pretty amazing, to say the least. I love to watch my accounts succeed and it’s such a great feeling when your hard work pays off and the goals you shoot for are accomplished. 

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