PPC Certification is a Symbol of Excellence. The Recognition and Credibility are Merely Bonuses.

A PPC Certification is the next step in advancing your professional career, getting access to a premier network of PPCs, and gaining your clients’ trust along the way!

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Why should I get certified?

Make potential clients more confident in you

What’s better than having clients who are confident in your decisions? By becoming certified, clients can rest assured that you are up to date on your latest industry knowledge.

Cross-platform certification

Why show your clients you’re just Google or Facebook certified? Showcase your cross-platform techniques and expertise with a PPC Certification.

Increase the marketability of your professional brand

By becoming certified you can increase the marketability of your professional career, becoming more desirable to clients and increasing your earning potential.

And, of course, the badge for your website

The badge for your website is the cherry on top, allowing you to proudly showcase your skills with a badge of PPC excellence.

Which Certification Level is right for me?

Our certification comes in different categories, one for individual PPCs and another for agencies. Even within those categories, there are different levels of certification to cater to your specific needs.

Requirements for an Individual PPC
Requirements for a PPC Agency
Benefits for an Individual PPC
Benefits for a PPC Agency

Meet Certified PPC People!

Becoming PPC Certified gives you access to other certified PPCs and agencies! It is a great opportunity to network and learn from others who are also the best in the industry.

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