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Certified PPCs are best-in-class experts at pay per click and search engine marketing that know your niche market inside out.

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Find a PPC agency that has substantial experience in your particular market.

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Find an individual PPC specialist who has been PPC-ing in your space for more years than they'd like to admit.

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While PPC Certification certifies PPCs by niche specialty, almost all PPCs have general experience as well. Just because someone has never done pay per click or search engine marketing for, say, personal injury lawyers doesn't mean that they can't be amazing at it; it just means they haven't yet done so. There is a time and a place for a generalist, as well.

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CommonMind is a diverse team of digital marketers. We’re strategists, analysts, SEO consultants, paid search experts, writers, designers, project managers, HubSpotters, developers, and subject matter experts. We’re also passionate, proactive people who care deeply about our clients’ business success. Every CommonMind engagement focuses on extending your organization’s digital footprint and delivering measurable, scalable ROI. We’re here to help.

We are a data-driven marketing agency, simplifying the way people connect and engage with brands through customer-centric growth strategies and innovative technology.

Wiideman is composed of employees who hail from F500 brands, who came together to form a best-in-class group specializing in multi-location SEO and paid search advertising. Wiideman earned Industry MPV in 2018 and was nominated for 2 Search Engine Land Awards in October of 2020. Co-Founder Steve Wiideman is an adjunct professor at two prestigious California universities and is co-authoring a textbook on SEO with Professor Scott Cowley of the University of Michigan.

BrandDistillers provides support where needed for your internal marketing team. Whether it’s a focused, six-month engagement or a long term partnership, helping you meet your strategic goals and improve your internal workflows is at the heart of our service offerings. Each of our team members are not only experts in a specific field but also generalists in digital as a whole. That means that every person working on your campaigns understands how each aspect of digital works together for client success.

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Will’s mission in business is to provide his clients with results from their digital campaigns – online visibility, leads, and sales – along with clarity and transparency. He has over twenty years of experience helping clients grow online. With respect to PPC, he emphasizes where PPC has a role, where it doesn’t, and how PPC can complement other digital strategies.

With over 15 years of PPC experience, Maria is analytical-minded and highly organized with great attention to detail and a sense of quality. She enjoys intellectually demanding roles involving interpretation and analysis of data as well as spotting and investigating market trends. Expert knowledge of PPC day-to-day ‘hands-on’​ campaign/account management and optimization applied across Google Ads: Search, Display (GDN), Shopping (PLA), YouTube (Video), and Microsoft Bing.

Steve Wiideman is a Senior Search Strategist at his firm and moonlights as an adjunct professor at UCSD and CSUF, teaching digital marketing. He hails from 20 years of experience in corporate and agency search engine marketing.

Interested in becoming a PPC Certification Badge Partner?

The PPC Certifications Partner Directory is provided for reference only. Businesses should conduct their own due diligence of the company they choose to work with. This directory contains providers who are badged, which indicates partners who have applied for recognition of their respective expertise.

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