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Certified PPCs are best-in-class experts at pay per click and search engine marketing that know your niche market inside out.

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Find a PPC agency that has substantial experience in your particular market.

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While PPC Certification certifies PPCs by niche specialty, almost all PPCs have general experience as well. Just because someone has never done pay per click or search engine marketing for, say, personal injury lawyers doesn't mean that they can't be amazing at it; it just means they haven't yet done so. There is a time and a place for a generalist, as well.

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Digital Hummingbird helps companies with a sustainable ambition to a bigger stage. The bigger this stage, the better it is for our planet. Give your campaigns online wings and contact Digital Hummingbird

We have worked with small mom and pop shops all the way to fortune 100 companies. Whether you are a local business service or e‑commerce shop we can assist with your online marketing needs. Thousands of happy clients can attest to the success of SEO Optimizers digital strategies.

/brīt klik/ is a GMP consulting firm for media, enhancing the outcome of large data sets by working with Google’s best in class algorithms to deliver exceptional results.

Main platforms: SA360, CM360, DV360 & GA360

Yugo Media harnesses the power of YouTube Ads and Google Ads to drive revenue opportunities for your business.

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My name is Lia and I am a Digital Marketing newbie. My background is mainly through managing Google Search Ads for local healthcare agencies in Southern California. I have successfully implemented new Landing Pages, Click Protection, Call tracking on our ads to better assess our campaigns. I am thrilled to be on my Digital Marketing journey and I look forward to this new and exciting career!

Rich has PPC in his roots, growing to be a campaign director at Ayima and winning Drum Search awards in the process. Working closer with SEO, Analytics, Content and UX teams in a broader strategic role have set him on a broader growth path, and he now believes in the need for PPC to be considered as one part of the customer journey as a whole. Alongside growth roles at agency and in-house, he has been known to consult start-ups on growth digital marketing.

Poppy is the Senior Paid Media Specialist at StrategiQ and is responsible for overall paid media strategy and delivery across the agency’s national and international client base. With her strong background in paid search and social, there’s nothing Poppy loves more than exploring opportunities to grow a client’s paid media presence. Within her career, she has worked across a wide range of industries including luxury travel, media distribution and utilities industries.

Anna Madill is the Founder and CEO of Avenue, a B Corp digital and social media marketing agency for purpose-driven companies. She is also a speaker and instructor for organizations such as the American Marketing Association, SEMpdx, Oregon State University, Portland State University and University of Oregon on the topics of digital marketing, entrepreneurship, women in technology and anti-racism. Through Madill’s work at Avenue, for their clients and within the community, she was recognized on the Portland Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 Award List for 2017, the Women of Influence Award List for 2020 and B Lab’s B Corp Best for the World™ (Workers) and B Corp Best for the World™ (Community) lists for 2022.

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The PPC Certifications Partner Directory is provided for reference only. Businesses should conduct their own due diligence of the company they choose to work with. This directory contains providers who are badged, which indicates partners who have applied for recognition of their respective expertise.

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