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Certified PPCs are best-in-class experts at pay per click and search engine marketing that know your niche market inside out.

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Find a PPC agency that has substantial experience in your particular market.

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Find an individual PPC specialist who has been PPC-ing in your space for more years than they'd like to admit.

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PPCs by specialty... and the generalists among them.

While PPC Certification certifies PPCs by niche specialty, almost all PPCs have general experience as well. Just because someone has never done pay per click or search engine marketing for, say, personal injury lawyers doesn't mean that they can't be amazing at it; it just means they haven't yet done so. There is a time and a place for a generalist, as well.

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KC Web Specialists, are your Kansas City Website design, Google SEO, Google Pay-Per-Click Ads experts. We are a certified Google partner. We Build Custom, SEO Ready, WordPress, Lead Generating Websites.

Floodlight Training & Consulting provides training, consulting, and direct management of online marketing for small to medium-sized businesses across the United States. Whether you’re looking for training, advice around your in-house marketing efforts, or looking for someone to manage your online marketing efforts (Google Ads, Bing Ads, Social Media advertising, etc.), I’m excited to provide my expertise to help drive successful results for your brand.


MWI is a Global digital marketing company that spans across the US and into Hong Kong and China. We partner with industries to find the right solution to their marketing efforts.

Incrementum Digital is a growth engine for Brands on Amazon.

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KC Web Specialists are experts in Web Design, SEO, Pay-Per-Click Marketing and are a certified Google partner. In addition to being the owner of the company, Chris Nastav is a former Web development and small business applications professor at Johnson County Community College, as well as a Master’s level online business administration professor at Baker University. Chris has an MBA from Mid-American Nazarene University and an MSA from Central Michigan University. Chris is also an Army Veteran.

John Linehan entered into the world of digital marketing through agency work on Google AdWords campaigns. He supplemented that work with organic social content, followed shortly by paid social media campaigns, email marketing, and landing page design. Experience in digital and traditional marketing strategies, analytics dashboard systems, performance reporting software and social media platforms round out his background and experience.

Digital marketer with experience in search, social, display, and video platforms across various verticals. Skilled in identifying potential growth opportunities, and developing strategies to drive revenue. I love using creativity to problem solve which comes in handy in our ever-changing world of digital marketing.

Originally trained as a chemist, I eat data for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I take my passion for data and combine it with my motivation to teach and consult to craft a unique program for clients to deliver confidence in their advertising programs and a deeper understanding of online marketing.

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The PPC Certifications Partner Directory is provided for reference only. Businesses should conduct their own due diligence of the company they choose to work with. This directory contains providers who are badged, which indicates partners who have applied for recognition of their respective expertise.

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