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Certified PPCs are best-in-class experts at pay per click and search engine marketing that know your niche market inside out.

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Find a PPC agency that has substantial experience in your particular market.

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Find an individual PPC specialist who has been PPC-ing in your space for more years than they’d like to admit.

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PPCs by specialty… and the generalists among them.

While PPC Certification certifies PPCs by niche specialty, almost all PPCs have general experience as well. Just because someone has never done pay per click or search engine marketing for, say, personal injury lawyers doesn’t mean that they can’t be amazing at it; it just means they haven’t yet done so. There is a time and a place for a generalist, as well.

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IG PPC is a Hands-on Amazon PPC agency for 7-9 figure Amazon brands and aggregators.

Achieve category dominance on Amazon through premium SEO and PPC marketing. Run by real humans who want to see you crush it as badly as you do.

You need much more than good ACoS to compete on Amazon.

thatsgood+ STUDIO is a creative digital precinct that just gets it – thats what makes us, us.

Defying conventionality with innovation, we build memorable campaigns that connect you and your market – thats what makes us human.

Powered by narrative-based marketing and sharp consumer insights, we turn your brand into a legacy – thats what makes us good.

Hop Skip Media is an online marketing agency specializing in pay per click advertising.

Google is a leading Tech Company.

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Pedro considers himself a dedicated and hardworking remote professional from Venezuela. He’s passionate about driving results and delivering high-quality campaigns that meet and exceed client expectations. With his knowledge and experience in LinkedIn ads, he’s helped companies increase their brand visibility and generate leads, resulting in improved ROI.

Working within the Paid Media industry for over 11 years. Throughout the course of this time, Dale has worked across many agencies and many different clients.

Clients have ranged from small local businesses to large international brands. There are not many industries he hasn’t had much exposure to.

Whether it’s building a strategy for a client or managing a Paid Search account full time, Dale’s there to help.

As a long-time Amazon seller, Isaac made it his mission to help others with their PPC. His deep understanding of the Amazon algorithm undoubtedly gives his clients an unfair advantage. Isaac is the Founder and CEO of IG PPC, a hands-on Amazon PPC agency for 7-9 figure brands that manages over $2B in annual sales on Amazon.

With a background in interactive media and design, heading marketing for an international brand, and a true creative at heart, meet the ideas guy. The man cannot function without a good process, Sabian continually provides value and ideas to every brand he works alongside.

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The PPC Certifications Partner Directory is provided for reference only. Businesses should conduct their own due diligence of the company they choose to work with. This directory contains providers who are badged, which indicates partners who have applied for recognition of their respective expertise.

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