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Frequently Asked Questions2023-08-18T21:30:48+00:00
What if I have an additional question?2023-08-18T20:32:16+00:00

We are happy to talk to you and answer any additional questions you may have! You can contact us here.

How can I reach out to other certified PPCs?2023-08-18T20:31:12+00:00

We created the first-ever PPC-only-Slack-community which you can join by invitation exclusively. PPCs from everywhere exchange comments, thoughts, job offers, and all sorts of interesting things through our channel. You can read the rules of participation for the private community at PPC Club 83, the invite-only Slack PPC community.

Can my certification be revoked?2023-08-18T20:30:50+00:00

We know that our PPCs will use their certification properly! However, if we do find that someone is making an inappropriate or unauthorized use of their badge the certification can be revoked. We want to make sure the certification is used to maintain trust within industry professionals.

Are there any benefits to getting certified?2023-08-18T20:30:16+00:00

Yes! The benefits fall under two different categories depending on whether you’re an individual PPC or part of an agency. There are also different levels of certification, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. We encourage you to deep dive into specific benefits using our Requirements & Pricing page.

Why should I get PPC Certified?2023-08-18T20:29:56+00:00

Why shouldn’t you get PPC Certified? There are many reasons why becoming certified is worth it, but more than anything it demonstrates knowledge, credibility, and skill. This is great for differentiating yourself from other people in the industry!

How do I prepare for the exam?2023-08-18T20:29:15+00:00

There is no right or wrong way to prepare for the exam. The world of online advertising is always changing, so just make sure to brush up on your industry knowledge and stay up to date!

How do I renew my PPC Certification?2023-08-18T20:28:34+00:00

We know that our certified PPCs are passionate about the industry and want to keep developing their knowledge—we care about that too! To renew your certification, you have to retake the exam which will be updated annually to reflect any industry changes.

How long does my PPC Certification last?2023-08-18T20:27:51+00:00

Your PPC Certification will be valid for a year after you pass the exam, but it can always be renewed! We want to ensure that our certified PPCs are always up to date with important industry developments.

Do I need to do anything else to maintain an active certification status?2023-08-18T20:27:27+00:00

Keep seeking professional development and stay up to date on any industry updates! We also encourage you to interact with other PPC Certified individuals and agencies.

I passed the exam, what’s next?2023-08-18T20:26:50+00:00

Congratulations, you can officially consider yourself PPC Certified! Once you pass the exam we will give you full access to the platform, list you on our certification list, and send you your PPC Certification badge so you can showcase it to the world.

Can the exam be taken again?2023-08-18T20:26:21+00:00

Yes! You have two more shots to take the test within a six month period. However, this may entail some minor additional fees. Make sure to keep up with the industry knowledge!

Are the exams available in languages other than English?2023-08-18T20:25:17+00:00

As a team composed of people who speak over five different languages, we want to make the test available in different languages. For now, however, the exam is only available in English. We’re currently on the road to making the Exam available in a number of different languages (don’t ask us which one’s the first on our list!).

Where will the exam be given?2023-08-18T20:24:12+00:00

The great thing about our exam is that it can be taken from the comfort of your own home! All you need is to sit back and channel your industry knowledge as the exam is administered virtually.

What are the eligibility requirements?2023-08-18T20:12:12+00:00

The eligibility requirements differ depending on whether you’re an individual PPC who wants to showcase your amazing skills, or an agency looking to certify your employees. You can deep dive into more information regarding individual eligibility requirements here, and into our company requirements here.

How do I earn a PPC Certification?2023-08-18T19:55:51+00:00

Well, the most important step in earning a PPC Certification is to know your stuff! But since you’re already here, you’re probably already a great PPC. The next important step is to make sure you meet our eligibility requirements, once you go through this information you can take our PPC Certification exam.

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