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We are ROI-Obsessed Digital Marketers that really care about growing our client’s businesses. We help small law firms think big. We help them improve their sales, profitability & operations by creating industry-specific lead generation campaigns that drive real business growth.

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S: 2020/08/13, E: 2021/08/13

What makes us unique

We stay ahead of the trends and think critically about the choices we are making with our clients’ advertising dollars. There are a lot of levers and pulleys that you can use in SEM, but we believe that it is the knowledge of how those actions work in the real world that matters. which is why we are so zoomed into the details. Our zoomed-in, detailed approach allows us to make the right decisions at the right times.

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Critical Thinkers/Open-Minded Improvers

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Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group

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Certified PPCs who PPC for this Agency:

A determined digital marketer and creative problem solver, capable of meeting deadlines under pressure. Detail-oriented with exceptional communication skills.

An expert in legal pay-per-click advertising, Anthony got his start working in the mailroom of one of the nation’s largest personal injury law firms. Working his way up the ranks, he got to see all aspects of how a case works and used that experience and insight when running the firm’s PPC campaigns. At the SMB team, he has expanded his knowledge and used his skills to help grow more law firms.  


Greta started her PPC work in the lawn care and pest control industry before jumping into the legal industry with the SMB Team. With a broad marketing background, Greta understands that PPC is one piece of the marketing puzzle and focuses on fitting PPC into a holistic marketing plan. She has a keen eye for detail and ensures that paid search best practices are implemented for every client.

PPC to me is more than clicks and impressions; it is the nexus of design, programming, and data. I am obsessed with measuring results in every aspect of PPC because without measurements you can’t see growth. I enjoy making the invisible, visible, and investigating the unknowns.

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