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We are a paid advertising agency with a hyper-focus on positive ROI.
Each team member specializes in an individual area, meaning our clients enjoy world-class expertise at every level.

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S: 2020/10/15, E: 2021/10/15

What makes us unique

We bring a math and data-focused approach that is primarily found in the financial industry and at much larger advertising firms. We also bring a level of strategic expertise that few agencies can match.

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We’re only PPC / Social Ads

Our uniqueness


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Facebook, Bing, Snap


Certified PPCs who PPC for this Agency:

Unbelievably, Chris began his digital marketing career shoveling rocks at a sludge factory in northern Mississippi. In short, Chris knows how to get his hands dirty in ad accounts.

Collin is a former professional poker player and finance geek who takes an analytical approach to all things digital advertising. Since 2014, Collin has generated over $25mm in net profits for clients.

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