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We are a group of hardcore problem solving, custom code hacking, status-quo bucking, out-of-the-box thinking, genius digital gangsters breaking out the creative solutions with a vengeance, and the passion of a thousand suns (covered in Tabasco sauce).

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S: 2020/10/07, E: 2021/10/07

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SEO (only offered to clients who have been successful with Google Ads first)

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Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn


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Kasim is the Founder & CEO of Solutions 8. UMSL named him one of the top 50 Digital Marketing Thought Leaders in the United States. His bestselling book, The 7 Critical Principles of Effective Digital marketing, is #50 in Book Authority’s “100 Best Digital Marketing Books Of All Time”. He is also the hand-selected traffic coach for’s ELITE coaching program. 

My name is John Moran, and I am the co-founder and senior client strategist at Solutions 8, a digital marketing agency focused exclusively on helping businesses make money with Google Ads. I specialize in building and managing full-funnel digital marketing campaigns for a broad range of clients by combining strategies such as paid search, social media, email marketing, content creation, ascension models, and return paths. Or, as I like to put it, “I help connect people looking for things to the companies they need to buy them from”.

John is the Business Development Director of Solutions 8 and is the first point of contact for new client and partner relationships. My role is to help businesses identify revenue goals and then help them align the right resources to achieve them.


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