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Honesty. Integrity. Value. To many these are theoretical concepts but for us they represent the foundation of our digital marketing business. Since 1999, we have satisfied thousands of clients through open communication and transparency. We also actively support several excellent charities that are inline with these values.

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S: 2020/09/23, E: 2021/09/23

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When we met with Lower Cape Fear LifeCare, we were happy to see the marketing team’s strengths in graphic design and social media, but they had too much work on their plates. They needed to enhance their internal team in areas where they lacked depth of knowledge, especially PPC. Our team stepped in and increased patient referrals by 69% and reduced patient acquisition costs by 76%.

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Brand Strategy, Message Architecture, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Reputation Management, Website and App Development, Photography and video, Complete Creative, Advanced Tracking and Metrics

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Lower Cape Fear LifeCare
Chapel Hill OBGYN
The Bone & Joint Surgery Clinic

Certified PPCs who PPC for this Agency:

Results-driven business development professional with 20+ years in digital marketing. The bulk of Stacy’s experience has been in early-stage start-ups, either as a founder or as an early hire. He excels at conceptualizing unique monetization strategies, pitching them to potential partners, and then managing long-term execution around collaborative monitoring of relevant KPIs.

Sondra has a vast background in the Digital Marketing space. From large start-ups to small businesses, she’s aided many companies in their online marketing ventures. She concentrates on SEO for Proclaim Interactive now but has experience with email marketing, PPC, social media, and more. 

After graduating from Cal State East Bay, she worked as the Marketing Director of Grand Slam Tennis Tours before starting her own marketing company. She currently handles most of the PPC clients at  Proclaim Interactive and helps with client strategies.

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