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PPC Ninja offers one-of-a-kind Amazon PPC automation tools, PPC Account Management Services, and PPC Coaching. Our software gives Amazon sellers and agencies the ultimate creative freedom and analytical control over their advertising data. When it comes to managed services, we provide the smartest minds in the industry to work with you as account managers and help you drive sales and profitability based on your goals. On the education side, we run regular PPC Mastermind Programs to help sellers learn about the very hard subject of Amazon advertising, in addition to offering 1‑on‑1 coaching and strategy sessions.

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S: 2021/04/13, E: 2022/04/13

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We are one of the very few companies that focus on software, services and training in the Amazon advertising space. Our biggest strength is the fact that we are also sellers on Amazon, so we know what it takes to be in game and win the game. Our account managers are thought leaders in the industry and contribute content regularly on LinkedIn, webinars, podcasts and conferences. Our thought leadership is aimed at improving the common understanding of what it takes to succeed on Amazon. This puts us in a unique position to support those that need help either outsourcing their advertising efforts or getting good at it themselves.

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Ritu Java is the CEO of PPC Ninja. She has been in the eCommerce industry for over 10 years and is passionate about helping sellers with creative Amazon PPC strategies that work. An engineer by background, Ritu has a diverse set of experiences in marketing, data analytics, and eCommerce.

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