Opteo gives you smart recommendations that improve Google Ads performance, so you can spend less time buried in performance data and more time creating value for your business. Opteo also includes tools to help you monitor performance, track spending, create reports, and get alerts whenever important changes happen. Grow conversions, hit performance targets, reduce wasted spend — all while reducing your Google Ads workload.

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S: 2021/03/10, E: 2022/03/10

What makes us unique

Opteo analyses Google Ads performance data and makes data-driven suggestions to improve performance. Rather than just presenting an overview of the data, Opteo helps you to take action from it, by providing specific optimisation recommendations, which can be pushed live to Google Ads in one click.

Our uniqueness

actionable data, user-first, team spirit

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From my journey with Decathlon International’s in-house team to the WPNC agency (JDRF, British Heart Foundation, MSF or Greenpeace), consultancy work with In-House Partners and Opteo, and leading PPC at Trainline, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the ever-evolving landscape of PPC.

As a PPC Consultant, I have been empowering my clients to grow a strong digital marketing team with an approach born out of the belief that all organizations should be autonomous and move towards digital maturity.

And now, a new chapter dawns upon me, setting up my own micro PPC agency focused on “data stories inspired by human connection” and building sustainable and profitable digital marketing strategies. 🌟

My motto is “Choose your battles wisely, fight and care for what matters.”

I co-ordinate all areas of the marketing department including SEO, PPC, content marketing, analytics, and social media.

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