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One Egg is a digital marketing agency specializing in PPC & SEO. We are based in Sydney, Australia. 

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Google Ads

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S: 2021/11/25, E: 2022/11/25

What makes us unique

"High level of experience within the team. We have produced a number of best selling training courses on Google Ads & marketing strategy We have developed in-house marketing tools We develop long term relationships with clients"

Our uniqueness

Experienced, client caring

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Business Stats

Number of PPC experts
Average Client Ad spend
$5,000 / month
Minimum Client Ad spend
$2,000 / month
Secondary Ad Platform(s)

Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Amazon Ads

Certified PPCs who PPC for this Agency:

12 years experience in digital marketing, specializing in PPC.

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