A leading SEO and PPC agency achieving multi-award-winning results using automation, AI and machine learning. Trusted by over 300 businesses.

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S: 2020/09/03, E: 2021/09/03

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Our bespoke, self-built software such as Captivise, Forager, Metronome, our Google Ads Campaign Builder etc.

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SEO, UX, Training, Consultancy

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Data-driven, psychology focused

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Certified PPCs who PPC for this Agency:

Our founder, Aaron’s focus is on the company’s direction looking to the future, ensuring we continue to innovate and bring our ideas to bear. He encourages creativity in the team, is passionate about well-being at work, and is also an enthusiastic guitarist (time permitting). Aaron is one of the driving forces in keeping novi at the cutting edge of digital marketing. He finds time in his busy working day for extensive reading on the industry and related topics and is constantly asking what can be done to incorporate new ideas into ongoing strategies. Aaron also heads up our consultancy and training service offerings. He was the 2017 Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the E3 North West Business Awards and works closely with groups including local Chambers of Commerce and the Virgin Media Start-Up Program to encourage SMEs to survive and thrive.

Coming to us with a degree in Law from Lancaster University, Ethan brings that same organized mind and keen problem-solving approach to the ongoing operation of the company and PPC campaigns. As one of the most experienced voices in the company, he can often be found adding another perspective to the work done by the rest of the team. He’s also a dedicated account manager whose honest, no-nonsense approach is much appreciated by his clients, as are the results he gets for them. His approach starts with detailed data analysis and builds outward from there.

Max has a certificate in Higher Education from the University of Stirling, where his focus was on maths, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. His hard work and study of the ever-evolving field of digital marketing have led to asking questions that help the company as a whole improve the efficiency and quality of their work. As a digital marketing analyst, his core responsibilities are: collecting data, ensuring its quality, and implementing strategy developed by account managers for our clients.

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