MWI is a Global digital marketing company that spans across the US and into Hong Kong and China. We partner with industries to find the right solution to their marketing efforts.

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Google Ads, Microsoft Ads

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S: 2021/05/10, E: 2022/05/10

What makes us unique

The fact that we can and will manage all industries and all size businesses. I started under the Google ads program, and our Facebook expert started under the Facebook ads program. We believe in growing our team from being an intern to becoming a full-time paid media specialist.

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SEO, PR, Website Design

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Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Reddit, LinkedIn, Amazon, Twitter

Certified PPCs who PPC for this Agency:

I have been working in the advertising field for over 15 years, with 7 of those being in print advertising and then the last 7+ in digital advertising. I love being in the weeds of an account, looking at the data, and understanding the logistics of why and how things are working. I’m constantly learning new things, new platforms or just expanding on the ones I currently work with to take the efforts to the next level.

Daniel brings years of experience in Ecommerce/DTC. Daniel’s passion is working with startups and building long-term relationships with his clients. Before MWI, Daniel was an Account Strategist for Facebook. There he gained his vital experience with Facebook + Instagram tools to help SMB’s succeed in the digital world.

Matt graduated from Arizona State University with concurrent degrees in Finance and Marketing, along with certificates in International Business Studies and Business Data Analytics. His PPC experience started with Facebook advertising, but his passion for the subject has driven him to learn how to utilize many other platforms that are growing in popularity. Along the way, he’s picked up skills in video editing, photoshop, and social media management that assist his PPC projects.

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