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Marcel Digital is an award-winning digital agency located in downtown Chicago. We were founded in 2003 with a mission to bring transparency to our client’s digital universe. We are committed to building long-term collaborative partnerships.

Marcel Digital is different because digital marketing, analytics, and website development all happen under one roof, fully integrated. This means our team produces digital marketing campaigns that not only produce results but are also tracked and analyzed for data-driven decision making.

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S: 2020/11/11, E: 2021/11/11

What makes us unique

Marcel Digital is made up of a diverse team of specialists with varying expertise under one roof. This means that we have the ability to quickly integrate analytics experts into PPC campaigns to ensure proper tracking and in-depth analysis of data. We will pull in development experts to troubleshoot issues with goal tracking or pixel placement. We’ll utilize data from the SEO team to drive better results for PPC. Our team takes a holistic approach to PPC management to ensure a holistic approach to targeting and tracking users at all stages of their journey.

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Paid Social, SEO, Analytics, CRO, UX, Website Development

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Bing, Facebook, Amazon

Certified PPCs who PPC for this Agency:

Kyle is a seasoned digital marketing strategist with lots of experience in website development, search engine optimization, analytics, paid media, and attribution. He is certified in Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Data Studio, and is even a Certified Umbraco Developer. He is focused on cultivating successful relationships through data-driven decision making and has a successful track record. He has had the opportunity to present at Umbraco US Festival, HCIC, AAMC, and has appeared as a contributor on Forbes and Medium.

Michael is an established Paid Search Specialist. Michael builds, launches, and optimizes successful paid media campaigns in many different verticals. He has a passion for understanding business goals, customers, and user journeys to create an experience that is comprehensive and conversion-focused. While still very operational, Michael’s background in account management helps him to lead meaningful discussions with marketing teams.

Morgan has a penchant for numbers. She loves spreadsheets, reports, trends, forecasting, and optimizations. She’s built successful paid search campaigns but absolutely loves creating unique ways to reach customers at all points of their journey. She specializes in building audiences and experiences for different industries from healthcare to eCommerce to technology. She is always incorporating new advancements in the audience and ad technology to ensure clients stay ahead of the competition.

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