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Managed Placements is a SaaS product, providing an effective solution to every PPC marketer’s worst nightmare, Display Ads Placement targeting.

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S: 2021/01/10, E: 2022/01/10

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Our starting insight was to start with a whitelist that is generated based on machine learning & AI (big words, we know!) systems to give you sites that likely work better than the Google display campaigns’ recommended sites.

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Deadly-on placements targeting

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Eve is the PPC analyst of Hellbent Digital, Inc., also a regular author on the Display Ads Deep Dive blog, and Co-founder at Women In PPC nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women in the PPC advertising industry.
In the last few years, I lived as a digital nomad on four different continents with my husband, mostly in South East Asia.


Zsolt has been building software that integrates with marketing and advertising technology for almost as long as he can remember. He has managed conversion funnels with millions of monthly users, built AdWords targeting tools, and the list goes on and on.

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