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  • Layer Cake Digital is a turnkey digital marketing agency that integrates gamification and give-back into its core.
  • Their strategic approach is built against a custom-built “layer cake” which overlays transparency and sustainability.
  • With their unique gamification approach, the more you win at the game of digital marketing with them, the more you get back – and the more they give-back.

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Google Ads

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S: 2022/04/06, E: 2023/04/06

What makes us unique

"Layer Cake Digital has been fortunate to manage a wide spectrum of PPC across Fortune 500s, Series A-E funded start-ups, award-winning agencies, global non-profit charities - and everything in between. We learned our trade managing 9-digit campaigns for the BlackBerry 10 launch, then refined our expertise further by building and implementing a core PPC offering for lead generation for dozens of partners, working alongside Microsoft, Netapp, and Cisco. We optimize our campaigns margin-free, against what is best for our clients, and avidly understand minimum investment requirements in order to game the Google system, as well as how to navigate the many pitfalls of their console which are disguised as ""spend more money with us"" in disguise. Some of our success stories include helping Samsung drive leads and registrations for their Developer Conferences, as well as scaling a Grants Pro account for a national cancer awareness platform from ~$700/month in spend to ~$35,000 in spend (one of our most meaningful experiences!)"

Other Services

SEO, Analytics, Content Marketing

Our uniqueness

Gamification, Strategic mastery

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Business Stats

Number of PPC experts
Average Client Ad spend
$10K - $25K per month.
Minimum Client Ad spend
$3K per month ($100/day).
Secondary Ad Platform(s)

Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Apple Search

Certified PPCs who PPC for this Agency:

Jared Foxworthy is the Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Layer Cake Digital. With 10+ years of experience, he has built a unique gamified approach to digital marketing and PPC which maximizes bottom-line efficacy for his clients. Jared reinvests most of his margins towards philanthropic give-back initiatives via his philanthropic arm, Layer Cake Foundation.

Shawn Wilton is the Director of Digital at Layer Cake Digital. Utilizing nearly a decade of practical and professional experience he wears many hats, and enjoys the variety of opportunities to overcome challenges this provides. Shawn feels the most content when working with nonprofit clients in our philanthropic arm, Layer Cake Foundation.

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