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At KEO Marketing, we do what we love, and we love what we do. Our award-winning B2B marketing agency has decades of experience and insight. This makes us a trusted advisor for companies who sell to other companies.

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S: 2020/09/30, E: 2021/09/30

What makes us unique

We focus on strategy first, ensuring campaigns are built with precision, targeting the appropriate audience. Our end goal is always driving leads and revenue. We don’t fluff our clients with other KPIs, only KPIs that mean the clients business is moving forward. Our end goal is always driving leads and revenue. We focus on the KPIs that drive performance for clients.

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Strategy, Website Development, Content/Copywriting, Social Advertising, Analytics

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Elliot is the Director of Analytics & Advertising for KEO Marketing. His focus is on paid media channels, using data to help companies make strategic decisions to drive their business forward. Elliot’s experience spans from running paid media across all the major platforms with a strategic omni-channel approach.

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