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Globe Runner is an all-hands-on-deck digital marketing agency that focuses on SEO, PPC, CRO, and Web Ops. We evaluate your site’s or company’s strengths and points of growth from every possible angle. Then we tailor our ad hoc services to your company’s specific needs. Before we ever perform a single audit or craft a deliverable we invest time to get to know the client.

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S: 2020/09/16, E: 2021/09/16

What makes us unique

We specialize in small-budget, “big ticket” clients where every penny counts. An example of one of our clients is a boutique law firm with a specific focus: qui tam law. A Qui Tam attorney deals with the protective rights of whistleblowing in both federal and state-level cases. Since these clients handle their leads with such discretion, we take extra steps in tightening targeting to make sure that every conversion is a case they’re looking for. In these cases, it’s always great to take a step back and remember that 1 case can pay for a whole year's worth of ads.

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SEO, Website Development, CRO, Social Media, Copywriting

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American Born, though I was raised outside the US for the majority of my youth. I came back to the States for college, where I attended Trinity University and got a degree in communications. Ever since graduating, I’ve been inside the digital marketing space, where I began in Email Marketing. I slowly transitioned to something that interested me, PPC.

I started managing PPC for my own e‑commerce business back in 2008, and then in late 2009 when I launched Globe Runner paid search quickly became one of our primary services. I love delivering measurable results for clients.

My career in paid search began with display advertising and video promotions. From there I received my degree in marketing and spread into search ads while working on SEO and digital marketing on the side. Paid social media is also rapidly becoming an aspect of my clients’ daily business.

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