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Glacial Multimedia is a medical marketing agency specialized in medical website design, search engine optimization, internet marketing, social media and internet marketing strategy. We employ cutting-edge technology and thinking to bridge the gaps between medical brands and their customers.

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S: 2020/09/10, E: 2021/09/10

What makes us unique

We’re experts in the industry, having worked with hundreds of practices and building thousands of successful, patient-generating campaigns. But just because we know what keywords and creative tend to work best doesn’t mean we stop there - we always look to test, optimize and improve campaigns over their lifetime. That’s not all though - we will never pull the wool over your eyes - If something is working, we’ll explain why and why it’s good. If something’s not working, we’ll explain why and what we plan to do. We always keep our clients best interest in our minds.

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HIPAA & ADA compliant Web Design & Development, SEO, Local Search, Content writing, Social Media Maintenance, Marketing Consulting, Review Generation software, Lead Management Software, Design

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Thomas Eye Group
Loden Vision Centers
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Spenser attended Web Design & Marketing school but quickly learned after graduation that this complements the world of Google Ads. Marrying strong copywriting and design with well-optimized landing pages proved to be the winning formula, and Spenser has focused almost exclusively on PPC ever since. 

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