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Digital Third Coast is a digital marketing agency based in Chicago. Founded in 2007, we’ve grown both our team and client base alongside the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing to provide a full funnel marketing solution. We specialize in search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) and digital PR.

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Google Ads

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S: 2020/07/16, E: 2021/07/16

What makes us unique

Critical thinking and marketing savvy. We’re not just PPC’ers, but instead marketers who happen to be experts in the PPC channels. We’re focused on outcomes, not vanity metrics and we work hand in hand with our clients to uncover our next steps based on measurement and data - not speculation.

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SEO, Content Marketing

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white label your work

We can, but prefer not to due to the nature of our process.

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Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, LinkedIn Ads

Certified PPCs who PPC for this Agency:

As a PPC Specialist, Taylor specializes in creating high quality, forward-thinking ads for my clients. He’s a problem-solving, creative thinker, and with that he can confidently say that any client of his is in good hands.

John Linehan entered into the world of digital marketing through agency work on Google AdWords campaigns. He supplemented that work with organic social content, followed shortly by paid social media campaigns, email marketing, and landing page design. Experience in digital and traditional marketing strategies, analytics dashboard systems, performance reporting software and social media platforms round out his background and experience.

Digital marketer with experience in search, social, display, and video platforms across various verticals. Skilled in identifying potential growth opportunities, and developing strategies to drive revenue. I love using creativity to problem solve which comes in handy in our ever-changing world of digital marketing.

Alissa comes from an SEO background but wanted to grow her skill set by taking on paid media responsibilities. As an account manager, Alissa loves mining for new opportunities and providing data-driven results for her clients. She is dedicated to advancing her PPC education and believes one should never stop learning and growing.

Digital marketer specializing in paid media, including SEM/PPC, and paid social. I have a deep passion for growing businesses through my skills in digital marketing. My strengths include data analysis, solving problems/finding solutions, client management, and digital strategy.

Working in digital marketing since 2009, I shifted from SEO to PPC in order to get more from the coding background I came from.

Very passionate about using data in order to glean insights to make a difference for clients.

Look forward to the constant evolution of paid media and preparing for all the changes as we move towards a more automated world.

I’ve been focused on PPC advertising for over 14 years. I love problem solving and working closely with my clients to find advertising solutions that fit their needs, grow their business and produce tangible ROI that is measurable and scalable. I prize critical thinking above all else and always work from a place of strategic alignment in PPC. 

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