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Contractor 20/20 is a marketing company focused on all aspects of the advertising and growth needs of Contractors across the United States and Canada. We proudly serve over 150 Independent Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical Contractors ranging in size from 1 truck to over 100 trucks! Our mission is to help business owners build a legacy that will benefit the owners, staff, customers, and community at large.

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S: 2021/09/14, E: 2022/09/14

What makes us unique

Contractor 20/20 is a two-generation, family-owned and operated company that started serving small business owners in 1979, but since 1996 has specialized in promotion, profit consulting, and coaching for the plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical trades. We pride ourselves on the personal attention our clients receive and believe it is that passion that has enabled us to be a success at what we do.

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Website design and upgrades, hosting and SSL, review building and reputation management, chat feature options, Youtube ad creation and buying, social media ad placement, Retargeting strategies Email marketing Press releases Sponsored articles and native ad placement Advanced link building strategies Video shoot and creation Local and streaming television creation and buying Terrestrial and streaming radio ad creation & buying Promotional products, literature and signage, promotional direct mail, customer retention direct mail, customer and consumer research and survey, psychographic consumer research studies, pricing and profitability studies and coaching, branding and rebranding, employee recruitment, geotargeting.

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Director of Digital Media at MultiMedia Advertising Services LLC. & Contractor 20/20.

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