CommonMind is a diverse team of digital marketers. We’re strategists, analysts, SEO consultants, paid search experts, writers, designers, project managers, HubSpotters, developers, and subject matter experts. We’re also passionate, proactive people who care deeply about our clients’ business success. Every CommonMind engagement focuses on extending your organization’s digital footprint and delivering measurable, scalable ROI. We’re here to help.

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Google Ads

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S: 2020/12/09, E: 2021/12/09

What makes us unique

Each person on our paid search team has been working in paid search for over a decade. With respect to B2B and SaaS, we look beyond leads to lead quality (MQLs) and develop dashboards that give us this insight. In all cases, we're continually evaluating when to go "all in" on Google's automations and when to be highly skeptical.

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SEO, HubSpot, Analytics/dashboards, Inbound/content marketing

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MQL focused

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Certified PPCs who PPC for this Agency:

WIPP: Work In Progress Person. Let’s use the power of data for good! Harm reduction lifestyle advocate.

Pedro considers himself a dedicated and hardworking remote professional from Venezuela. He’s passionate about driving results and delivering high-quality campaigns that meet and exceed client expectations. With his knowledge and experience in LinkedIn ads, he’s helped companies increase their brand visibility and generate leads, resulting in improved ROI.

Will’s mission in business is to provide his clients with results from their digital campaigns – online visibility, leads, and sales – along with clarity and transparency. He has over twenty years of experience helping clients grow online. With respect to PPC, he emphasizes where PPC has a role, where it doesn’t, and how PPC can complement other digital strategies.

With over 15 years of PPC experience, Maria is analytical-minded and highly organized with great attention to detail and a sense of quality. She enjoys intellectually demanding roles involving interpretation and analysis of data as well as spotting and investigating market trends. Expert knowledge of PPC day-to-day ‘hands-on’​ campaign/account management and optimization applied across Google Ads: Search, Display (GDN), Shopping (PLA), YouTube (Video), and Microsoft Bing.

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