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Clear Ads Ltd is one of the world’s leading Amazon DSP and PPC agencies. We are a globally recognized Amazon advertising agency working with an array of clients in all Amazon marketplaces. We offer a very hands-on, tailored service aligning with our client’s advertising goals to ensure they are achieved.

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S: 2021/03/31, E: 2022/03/31

What makes us unique

Clear Ads is an established, trusted agency within the Amazon space working with some of the biggest individual sellers around. One of our main strengths is our hands on approach to each account, ensuring that we are providing value at every turn. Having worked within the space for over 10 years, our knowledge and experience in managing PPC campaigns have proved effective in delivering results for our clients.

Other Services

We offer programmatic advertising with Amazon’s Demands Side platform. This is one of our core services as well as offering PPC for Google and Amazon. We also try and provide as much value to the community as possible, producing regular podcasts, whitepapers, videos and blogs to develop Amazon sellers' knowledge of Amazon advertising.

Our uniqueness

Hands on, trusted service within the space

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Certified PPCs who PPC for this Agency:

As Head of Sales of Clear Ads, I am responsible for liaising with potential prospects, understanding their needs, and ascertaining how Clear Ads can provide value to them. Having worked in advertising my entire career, I specialize in ascertaining our clients’ goals and strategizing the various ways Clear Ads can help achieve them.

As the Head of Amazon accounts at Clear Ads, he has a passion for problem-solving and the challenges it brings. He has worked with sellers who spend upwards of $100,000 per month with a keen eye for high-end strategy and scaling clients’ sales.

As an Account Manager, he has been working on a variety of amazon accounts deriving strategies and as Head of Development, he works on tools to speed up the tasks that account managers perform in their daily account management.

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