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Morgan is the sort of guy that says, “Okay, so the right target market like this is Brazil, so I’m now going to go learn Portuguese and move to Sao Paulo for as long as it takes to make it happen.”
Unicorn Developer
Unicorn DeveloperZsolt Maslanyi
Zsolt is the sort of developer announces, “Okay, you’ve never heard of Elixir, but it’s the right language for this project–it was built just for our needs–despite the fact that I’ll need to learn it from scratch. But I will, quickly, and it will be fun.”
Lyudmil Ivanov
Lyudmil is the sort of guy that somehow, when everyone thinks he’s doing extreme sports, manages to turn pizza and coffee into elegant software.
Rowan is the type of guy who will do design morning, evening, and night… and love every minute of it. And with a huge smile on his face!
PPC Analyst
PPC AnalystMora F
Mora is a PPC Analyst at Hellbent Digital at work, and a theater nerd when not at work. And it turns out understanding theater—that is, how to put on compelling live shows that engage the audience—is a very useful skill for understanding digital marketing.
Project Manager
Project ManagerMarta Z
Marta prides herself on her ability to balance the fine line between “being just nice enough” so she’s well-liked and “just pushy enough” so that The Job Gets Done!
Expert At Something!
Expert At Something!Your name here
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